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Boulder House

​Boulder, CO


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of djing at the Boulder House on 1109 Walnut St. in Boulder, CO.  The club is 10,000 square ft, has 3 levels including a rooftop bar.  It was a home game for the CU Buffaloes football team that night so I expected it to be pretty busy.  Started my set in the main room at about 11pm.  The place got slam packed by 11:30.  The crowd was loving my top 40 remixes.  Some well placed classics got them singing their little hearts out too.  Girls  absolutely run this spot.  The ratio on the dance floor was about 4 to 1.  Probably about 900-1100 people partying like a college town should.  The lighting, sound, and dj booth are awesome here.  The club is under new ownership and they are putting all kinds of heart and soul in to it.  Improvements happening daily.  Stop in there soon whether I'm djing or not.  It's well worth checking out.




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World Of Adventure/Whitewater Ramble

​Copper Mountain, CO


Was so pumped to return to the stage at Copper.  It was almost 10 years ago that I opened for GZA and Gangstarr here at Copper.  Crazy the changes that djing has gone through since then.  Rolled up to the nicest sunny day of the year.  Spring was in full effect.  Opening for a bluegrass band, I had a very eclectic and smooth set planned.  I hit em with some mellow house to start, then blended in to some 70's disco/hip hop/classic rock and even a little country.  Dos Equis was the sponsor and had a sweet little bar set up by the side of the stage.  As the band was setting up the violinist and I had a little jam session.  I wish I couldve hooked the violin through my mixer so you could hear it on the recording.  Oh well, check the mix on my Soundcloud anyway.  It's all clean versions, safe for work.  Can't wait to do it again at Copper.  They are always putting on great events.








Red Bull Crashed Ice

​St. Paul, MN


It gets crazier every year!  Wow, what an event.  The local news stations reported a crowd of 140,000.  Absolutely awesome that I had the oppurtunity to do my thing for an audience of that size.  I love the challenge that this show brings to me.  It's much more then just a club gig or usual dj job.  My responsibilities as the music director are much more oriented towards setting moods, building tension and hype with my music.  This year was a 2 day event with the team comp on Friday and the individual tournament on Saturday.  Having a huge library and vast knowledge of different types of music was my number 1 advantage.  I dropped some hot beats for the live announcers backround.  The soundtrack for the race was super heavy.  Metal, trap, dubstep, punk, dutch house, rock were some of the genres.  The competitors were from a wide variety of different countries which made me dig even deeper on song selection.  The energy that comes with this event is so gigantic.  I'm super proud that I was a part of it.



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